Register for OPLS

Oxley Personal Learning Space

Use the steps below to register and participate in OPLS to extend and enrich your learning.

1. Go to and click on the Register link.

2. Fill in your details.  It’s preferred that you use your Oxley Email address, but if you never check it, use your main email.

3. After clicking “Register” you should get a message that shows the process has begun.

4. To confirm your registration, go to your email and look for the message. Follow the instructions in the message.

5. This will log you in to OPLS for the first time.  Success!

6. To begin interacting with others from the Oxley Community who share an interest, click on the Groups tab.

7. For example, we have a group on Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye.  Click on the name of a group you are interested in, then click “Join group.”

8. You should get the confirmation feedback that you are now a member of this group.  Congrats!

9. The Group menu shows you the kinds of tools we have available to support personal online learning.  Why not Add a Blog Post? You can click on the Group Blog link and then the “Add Blog Post” button.

10.  Use the form to create your blog post.  Notice that the Rich Text Editor lets you do extra formatting and include images or edit HTML.

Go ahead and tick the category for your year group and give access to the post to people in this group.

Notice that you can embed a video.  Just paste the URL in and it will be converted to an embedded video.


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