Oxley College has benefited from outstanding staff, appointed for their specialist knowledge, their skill in teaching and their commitment to the ideals of the College.

Staff development and appraisal serve to keep staff fresh and in touch with developments in curriculum, teaching strategies, information technology and specialist subject areas. The teaching staff is capably supported by ancillary and administrative staff and by a management team with great experience and skill in their particular areas of responsibility and in professional leadership.

K-6 Headmaster – Mrs Justine Lind
  • Kindergarten
  • Year 1
  • Year 2
  • Year 3
  • Year 4
  • Year 5
  • Year 6
Mrs Annette Syrros
Mrs Jo Ismay
Mrs Christina Marsh
Mrs Kelly Facer
Mrs Fran Mulray
Ms Lara Sheils
English & LOTE Curriculum Leader - Mrs Tahren Hicks
  • English
Mr Bill Clewett, Ms Nicole McGregor,
Ms Victoria Rintoul
  •  French
Mrs Ros Hamilton, Ms Lucy Parker

Mathematics & Technology

Curriculum Leader
  • Design & Technology
Ms Natacha Brochard, Ms Beattie Lanser,
Ms Heidi Smart
  • Engineering Studies &
    Graphics Technology
Mr Stephen Marnoch
  • Food Technology
Ms Heidi Smart
  • Mathematics
Mr Richard Connor, Mr Ben Hicks,
Ms Belinda McGregor,
Mr Simon Woffenden

The Arts

Curriculum Leader  – Mr Robert Hughes
  • Visual Arts
Ms Natacha Brochard, Mrs Vanessa Forbes,
Mrs Jacqui Pugh
  • Music
Mrs Alison Bunyan, Mrs Kate Cunich,
Mr Robert Hughes, Mr Dominic Lindsay
  • Drama
Mr Phillip Cunich


Curriculum Leader  – Mrs Ruth Shedden
  • Geography
Mr Tim Dibdin, Mrs Belinda Hill,
  • History
Mr Stuart Bollom, Ms Jo McVean,
  • Business Studies
Mrs Ruth Shedden
  • Studies of Religion
Mr Stuart Bollom

Science, Health & PE
Curriculum Leader
– Mrs Bronwyn Tregenza
  • Science
Mr Tristan Bevan, Mr Maurice Campbell,
Mrs Sue Hanrahan, Ms Annik Schaefer
  • Biology
Mrs Belinda Hill,  Ms Annik Schaefer
  • Physics
Mr Maurice Campbell
  • Chemistry
Mr Tristan Bevan
Mr Peter Crawford, Ms Meaghan Stanton,
Mr Nick Wansey


Head – Mrs Elizabeth Antoniak
Mrs Penny Everingham, Mrs Jenni Rees

Learning Support

Leader – Mrs Rani Ritchie
Ms Mel Gisik, Mrs Kate Psarakis,
Mrs Heidi Coupland, Mr Peter Bull