Ratios & Rates

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Funny Pages – Ratio

Help Pages – Ratio

  1. Answers Definition of “ratio”
  2. Writing a comparison in the form of a ratio
  3. Splitting a quantity in a given ratio
  4. Using a ratio

Funny Pages – Rates

  1. Slowest Growing Tree – if you grew this tall and started out at 3 kilograms, how big would you be this year?
  2. Fastest Glacier Doubles Speed – With the speed of 3.5 miles per year in 1992 and 7.8 miles in 2003, round up to the highest whole number, then figure out the percent (what out of 100) the speed increased in the 10 year period.

Distance, Speed and Time

  1. Definition of “rate” from Answers.com
  2. The equation
  3. Calculating DISTANCE, given speed and time
  4. Units
  5. Calculating SPEED, given distance and time
  6. Calculating TIME, given speed and distance