Why Learn French?

Click on each of the links below to find out why French is a useful language to learn.

  1. Consulate General of France in Houston
  2. Why Learn French Language?

Consider the points of view expressed in the webpages above and THINK about the reasons given for studying French. In PAIRS, discuss what you have read and why YOU think it might be important to study French. Each pair will then be asked to SHARE their ideas with the class.

(You could share your ideas as a comment to this post!)


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142 Responses to Why Learn French?

  1. Andy & Chris says:

    people should learn French because it helps with traveling and social skills.

  2. COOPER and sam read machine says:

    French should be learnt because it allows you to enjoy different countries. COOPER :)-<

    French expands your vocabulary STOP. it expands business opportunities STOP.
    By Sam read

  3. THOMAS says:

    I think is a good because it is nice to learn and if you go to different country you can under stand

  4. Laura and Brigette says:

    French is important to learn because…

    *you can travel to francophone countries and understand the language
    *learning a language is good for your brain especially French as English is 50% derived from French
    *you can get jobs in francophone countries
    *it develops your critical and creative thinking skills

    By Brigg and Laura :) <3

    • Ms Parker says:

      Wow girls!! Fantastic work – you’ve really thought about what you’ve read and formed some thoughtful opinions. Tres bon travail les filles!

  5. Olivia Chambers and Ciara Longworth says:

    We study French for opportunities for many different things all over the world.
    Some of these things include:
    Jobs in other countries (and even in Australia having a second language can greatly increase chances for some jobs)
    It can help with your English vocabulary as 50% of English words come from French
    Having a second language you know fluently actually greatly increases your chances of getting a place in university.
    These are only a few of the reasons it is important to study French.

    • Ms Parker says:

      Fantastic work to you two as well! Lovely to see how you’ve thought about a range of reasons that it’s useful to learn French and expressed them so clearly in your comments.

  6. Lucie & Holly says:

    We are very excited to learn French because it will help us in our future years and is a very fun and interesting language to learn!
    Holly- I’m super excited to learn French because it will be great to learn !
    Lucie- I have always loved pasta and croissants and cant wait to learn more about France and speaking French.

  7. Lucie & Holly says:

    We are very excited to learn French because it will help us in our future years and is a very fun and interesting language to learn!
    Holly- I’m super excited to learn French because it will be great to learn !
    Lucie- I have always loved pasta and croissants and cant wait to learn more about France and speaking French!!!

  8. Toby Rea says:

    I would like to learn French because I have seen their country for myself and it is amazing, another reason I would like to learn french would be be be be a be because it is an internationally recognized language.

  9. Bethany & Layla says:

    Bethany- I think French is amazing, I would like to speak French so I could go to France and talk to people :)

    Layla- Never been good at languages ( I used to do Japanese) but always wanted to learn French.

    Love to eat some food especially the pastry and ‘junk food’

    • Ms Parker says:

      Well Bethany, let’s cross our fingers that you get to go one day!
      Layla – if you’ve always wanted to learn French, you’re one step ahead already. I’m sure you’ll be brilliant at it!

  10. caelan and chris says:

    if somebody speaks French and is injured or needs help for someone injured you could help them.

  11. Georgia Noble says:

    I think French is an important language to learn because if someone needs help but they only speak French you could help them out. If you learn one language then its usually easier to learn another. If you move to France or a French speaking country then you could speak that language to enable you to get a job and communicate with the customers. Even if you don’t move to French speaking country then your chances of getting a job are greater because then you can speak to a customer who only knows that language when no one else can so you’ll be helping them out. It will help you out when your traveling because then you can bargain with souvenir shops and get a better price.

  12. Riley says:

    I would love to learn French because I have always loved their accent and language and learning another language would help educate myself and my learning.

  13. Finn Treahy says:

    french i love learning french because a love europe :)
    ms hamilton for the lesson today it was great
    i cant wait till i can speak french because i will be abel to talk to people from other country’s

  14. Ben Canute says:

    I love learning French because France is my favourite country. I would also love to learn the language because it is interesting and it would be much funner to be able to speak the language when you are in the country. French is spoken in lots of other places over the world so it would be very handy to be able to speak the language in more than one country. :)

  15. Emily says:

    I am very exited to lean french because it is great to lean a another language and it is fun!!

  16. Jade and Sophia says:

    Why learning anither language is important:
    Another language is important because it gives you so manymore oppertunities in life. These things include employment, enjoyment, travel ( learn more if you can speak the language ), it has also been proven learning another language expands your first language vocabulary and makes you smarter. Alzheimers and Dementia has also been proven to hold off for a longer period of time.
    Why we are excited it’s French:
    We are excited we have the oppertunnity to learn french because if you can speak fluent french then you can also understand many many other languages such as Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, and English. French will also help us to understand the history of language (especially english ) as it i related to Latin where many words were formed !
    Cant wait to get started !!!

  17. hugo biddlecombe says:

    french is a very fun subject because it’s not just french

  18. Savannah says:

    I am excited to learn French because I have LOVED the country France for a few years now! I love everything to do with the country. I have already tried to learn some of the language and know a little bit of it but I am excited to learn much more and I think that this French class will be great fun.

  19. Lucia Scanlan-Bloor says:

    hello just testing out this :)

  20. Thomas Lloyd says:

    French is amazing i will love learning french because it is beneficial – Thomas Lloyd and Brad Wortho b.t.w (tom wrote all of this)

  21. nick gardner says:

    french is so much fun and i love learning it.

  22. French improves your english grammar and vocabulary!

  23. Skye,Eva and Lucia says:

    We are excited to learn French because so many countries speak French and we will be able to travel to these countries and communicate!

  24. Adrian and Ravi says:

    Over 40 000 australians have jobs in france

  25. Bree and jemima says:

    wow! there are so many counties speak french! and we cant wait to learn about it this year ;) :)

  26. Grace says:

    French is a really good language because, it is a very commonly spoken in countries other than France. If you go to another country and don’t know their language you can speak French and they will most likely understand you:)

  27. Sarah Pride and Madeleine Dorney says:

    we learn french because it helps us expands our brains and helps us in different countries

  28. Izzy & Char says:

    We learn French because it helps us with our own language. As well it is beautifully spoken and very interesting, it will be great for travel to know French when we travel.
    Its really fun as well as great for Oxley’s co-curricular.
    Char & Izzy <3 :-)

  29. zac says:

    cant wait to learn about french guys its going to be so much fun!!!!!!!!

  30. Tully says:

    French is a really cool language. As you travel around the world most people would speak either French or English so it would be very beneficial to be able to speak both.

  31. zac says:


    pics guys

  32. Arabella Andreas says:

    When you visit France you can speak there language and ask for directions.

  33. Kiara says:

    French is a beautifully spoken language, I would like to learn French because it sounds interesting and also because my ancestors in my Dad’s side came from France. I would like to learn more about France and French, it would probably give me a better understanding of my ancestors. I would also like to impress my Grandma.

  34. sam says:

    french is veryvery cool

  35. Albert Ferguson says:

    learning French allows you to have a much richer experience with the people around you whilst travelling.

  36. Connor falshaw says:

    I want to learn french because over 300 million people speak it and a quarter of the countries on the globe use it.

  37. Maddie says:

    French is a good language to learn because it is a universal language and people speak it in heaps of other countries. :)

  38. Campbell de Montemas says:

    French is a very populer launguage in the world. It is one of the official Olympic launguages.

  39. Rory Ali says:

    French is an easy and riliable language to learn as it has many words that are used in English and lots of other European countries use french as a primary or secondary language and these countries are some of the most popular tourist locations in the world so French is a handy language for communication at these places. Learning a new language also makes it easier to learn other languages like Spanish and Italian. So overall french is a good language to learn as it has many benefits.

  40. Sasch binder says:

    french is a really usefull language to learn because it is spoken in many parts of the world. Learning french can help you if your travelling or working. also it could help you cause learning one language makes it easier to pick up another language.

    • Lucy Davies says:

      Well argued Sascha. Any places in particular that you’d like to travel to? Or other languages you’d like to learn?

  41. Romain says:

    Any language will be useful for some jobs but French is the only foreign language that can be useful throughout the world.

    • Lucy Davies says:

      I like your enthusiasm about French Romain, but is it really the ONLY foreign language that can be useful throughout the world? Why do you say that? I’m curious…

  42. Lachlan Fox says:

    French is a commonly spoken language around the world with 300 million people speaking it! I can’t WAIT to learn to speak this awesome language! It will be so fun! TEHE! =D

    From Lachlan ‘FOXY’ Fox

  43. Kathryn says:

    oh yeah and it should be fun :)

  44. lachlan billington says:

    french is very common language, that is used all over the world. french is a little the same to other languages, therefore learning french would be very useful later on.

  45. Kiara says:

    French is a widely spoken language around the woooorrrlllldddddddd!!! :o :∑ ;) :/ :) =) =( -_-

  46. Alexie says:

    i also cant wait to get into learning some French, sounds like fun ;)

  47. I think it is a good idea to learn french because; it is a major world language, learning a second language makes it easier to learn other languages, French is one of the world’s most beautifuly spoken languages and learning another language is very fun

    • Lucy Davies says:

      Excellent variety of ideas James. I agree with you that French sounds beautiful – it’s one of the reasons I love it!

  48. Alexie says:

    French can be a very good language to learn because if your travelling the world ir may be easier to learn other countries languages ` a very universal language `

  49. French is a really good language to learn because it is spoken in many countries and it is easier to learn then other languages because some of the words are english

  50. Abbey Marnoch says:

    French is a common language around the world, i look forward to learning French so just incase i come across a french person i can understand them a bit. it will be fun to learn it! cant wait! (:

  51. Kathryn says:

    I think french is a good language to learn because there is a lot of french in english and it is spoken in a lot of places.

    • Lucy Davies says:

      That’s right Kathryn. Also, because there is cross-over between English and French, learning French will help you to expand your knowledge of English and your vocabulary.

  52. Albert Ferguson says:

    If you wished to go over seas for a holiday and/or for a learning opportunity then french can help you because it is such a common language. Also it allows you to speak with people from other countries which allows you to make more friends and it also allows you to learn more from them.

  53. Conor says:

    Salu peoples
    Any one for a chat in French?

  54. D'Arcy Deitz says:

    I would like to learn french because french is the living and working language over 300 million people in the world and is about a quarter of the nations in the world.

  55. Andrew Guy says:

    I would like to learn french because a lot of companies , students etc speak it
    Also I have always wanted to speak french and I MIGHT be able to talk to my mum in le france!!!!\
    It is an awesome language

  56. Alicia Niamh Tara says:

    We really enjoy French, it’s fun and we learn heaps. It’s helps to have the knowledge at places like airports, when you are trying to communicate with other travellers. It also helps to have a great teacher!
    ….Like we do!!!!

  57. Kiara Rochaix says:

    There are many international organisations that use French as there official, second or priority language, they include United Nations, Red Cross, UNESCO and International Telecommunications Union.

  58. Will Anderson says:

    good fact

  59. Will Anderson says:

    Asia-Pacific Region incl. Tahiti, Wallis and Futuna, New Caledonia, North Africa, Africa/Indian Ocean Region incl. Seychelles, Reunion Island, Senegal, Mauritius… Americas incl. Canada. France, Belgium, Switzerland are just a few of the countries/regions that french is spoken in. Over 300 million people speak it :O

  60. french is a very common and interesting language that is used all over the world. French is similar to other languages such as spanish and itallian, therefore learing other languages in the future becomes much easier.

  61. conor O'Maegher says:

    This is a REALY good site

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