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Board of Studies Help

Thinking about examination preparation yet? While the Trials still seem a long way off, and the HSC exams further still, it is worth knowing what kinds of resources are out there to help. Here is one from the Board of … Continue reading

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HSC Assessment Task 2

The time has come to get started on your second assessment task. Click here for a copy of the task. Please note that there are three separate but related pieces to this puzzle: 1. the proposal: nominate the country you … Continue reading

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Cashless Society

This ABC article describes the increasing tendency of Australian consumers to use EFTPOS payment methods rather than cash to pay for goods and services. What are the implications for banks and other FIs in the finance sector? What about for … Continue reading

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Fear the boom and the bust rap

Watch this video. It is very clever rap song performed by artists as though they are British economist John Maynard Keynes and Swedish economist Friedrich Hayek, out on the town, discussing their conflicting views about economic management. Here are the song lyrics.  … Continue reading

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HSC Economics Tutorials online

Here is a link to a helpful explanation of the key course content, put together by clever people at Charles Sturt University. Take care to ensure that it relates to the most recent BOS syllabus content and you will need … Continue reading

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State of the Australian economy

Last week saw a number of key ABS economic data releases. The included: 1. National accounts data – GDP growth to end of December Quarter 2011 2. Balance of payments accounts – BOGS, CAD for December quarter 201 3. Unemployment … Continue reading

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Unemployment rate and Labour force data

In the light of the recent unemployment rate release with many observers surprised by the strength of the Australian labour market, (what is the current u/e rate incidentally?) have a look at this labour force data from the Australian Bureau … Continue reading

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